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Water Jetting is the state-of-the-art technique of cleaning your pipes and storage tanks using high pressure water and specially designed "cleaning nozzles." A jet is attached to the end of a steel braided hose. One large nozzle located in front cuts through and dilutes the grease or other buildup while several back nozzles propel the jet simultaneously flushing the pipes eliminating the buildup.

After the pipe is flushed, a "wand" is attached to the end of the hose to clean the baffles and the inside of the grease tank. This enables your tank to operate at full capacity while limiting corrosion to the pipes and baffles.

An inspection of the tanks and baffles is needed to complete the grease trap maintenance process. In general, line jetting offers more options to grease producing facilities than the conventional snake tool.

WARCO’s waterjet equipment blow away blockages and restore the original diameter in drain lines. Our waterjet machines delivers between 1200psi and 3000 psi of water to blast lines cleans of grease, sediment and debries.

Benefits of Line Jetting:

  • Jetting not only opens a line but also cleans it.
  • The baffles within the tank can be cleaned.
  • Jetting can help to prevent clogging problems more easily than a snake.
  • Jetting provides the customer with peace of mind knowing that the line has been completely cleaned and future clogging problems can be minimized.
  • A preventative maintenance program will ultimately help to minimize down time and problems associated with clogging and blocked drain lines, however problems can still occur.
  • Jetting offers one more cost effective solution to the problems many facility owners face.

If you are experiencing drain problems or have any questions regarding the line jetting process or a preventative maintenance program, call us and speak to one of our service representatives. We will be glad to answer your questions and help to suggest the best course of action for your specific needs.